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Vision on the Topics for Community

   One word captures my vision of Foster City: Community.  This vital concept must be a central factor when considering where we want to be, as a community, 10, 25, or even 50 years from now.  As a 30 years resident it's become evident that we need leaders that put the city and community first, to focus on solutions around the issues facing our residents, instead of the same politicians that represent the same agendas.   I am the one that can do this task and truly represent Foster City. ​  Topics like COVID, City Budget, Police Funding, Traffic, Housing, Business Development, the Foster City Levee, and our Rec. center are issues the community feels strongly about.  When I am elected, rest assured that the people of Foster City will be of the utmost concern to me as we face the future together—as a vibrant, united, and prosperous​ city with a robust sense of community.


Patrick J. Sullivan

Vision on the Topics for our Community

Manage Budgets through COVID-19 -  As a result of the pandemic we must prepare for hard times ahead.  City revenue will be impacted, while expenses go up. My expertise in running a business will help us plan for and navigate through these hard times.

Ensure Housing Projects Meet Community Needs -  Housing proposals should be assessed on project-by-project basis, and prioritized based on the type of housing we need -- senior housing, workforce housing, below market rental or affordable purchase. I have the experience we need to evaluate these proposals.


Reimagine Policing -  To ensure community safety, our police department must have the trust of the community. We are blessed with a great foundation upon which to build this trust, and I support efforts for continuous improvement. I believe we can make our police department the best run in the County, by reassessing and reimagining how we deliver services.

Rotation of Council-   It is always good governance to rotate the Mayor position unless one is unwilling to serve in that role.   This process should never be used for political propose.

The Levee - The Levee is our biggest project and we need to stay on task.  See my recent article to the SM Journal.


Council Decorum-   We should always follow Robert’s Rule of order and also respect other Councilmembers and most of all the public and residents.  Here's info on the Brown act


Address Traffic Concerns-  We need fresh solutions to our traffic challenges. I will work with the Transit Authority to connect all forms of transportation through one card, and will work with major employers on flexible hours and work from home solutions. I will listen to neighborhoods, and work with them to address their concerns.  


Recreation Center-   We must ensure that proposals meet the needs of our future, and choose the path that makes the most sense for our community. I pledge a robust community engagement process where your voice is heard.



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