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    One word captures my vision of Foster City: Community.  This vital concept  must be a central factor when considering where we want to be, as a community, 10, 25, or even 50 years from now.  Topics like Traffic, Housing, Business Development, the Foster City Levee, and our Rec. center are issues the community feels strongly about and when I am elected, rest assured that the people of Foster City will be of the utmost concern to me as we face the future together—as a vibrant, united, and prosperous​ city with a robust sense of community.


    Patrick J. Sullivan

    Please listen to my vision on these topics that are affecting are community below and also if you've like to hear my interviews with the 16 Peninsula mayors cllick here- Peninsula Mayors.

    Patrick's speech at the FC Chamber Forum

    Listen to Interviews with 16 Mayors on Podcast by The Bay


    Also listen to Patricks interview with Councilwoman Manhanpour from July 2018.  Foster City Councilwoman- Catherine Mahanpour

    Patrick also supports Measure V- Excellence in Education-


    Flyer for Measure V

    FC Council Forum Oct. 22- FC Chamber of Commerce

    FC Council Forum Sept. 24- League of Women Voters